Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seeing Signs

I used to believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. I arrogantly assumed that because I knew how something worked that God couldn't be involved. I watched the rain and thought, "That's not God, that's just condensation! I just couldn't believe that there was anything more to this than a random cumulonimbus" And the tightness in my chest and tears welling up in my eyes? "That's not my 'soul' yearning for anything, that's just chemical reactions in my brain!" Because, in my mind, there was a natural explanation for everything,

Yesterday, I had a tough panel interview from an office in Makati. As I started heading back home, I had a hard time deciding whether to take the walkway route ( which I used to take) or take the Greenbelt route (which is quite unfamiliar). The walkway route would be a long lonely walk for me. I used to walk this way with friends and the memories would only make me sadder. Well, I need the distractions and anyways and I feel the adventure would help curb my loneliness and so I took the Greenbelt way.

As I was going up the escalator a young man from a non-profit org approached me and tried to strike a conversation. I tried to avoid him, thinking he would just sell me something. He sort of blocked my way and asked "Hey did you participate in the Earth Hour?" he asked flashing his 60 min Id lace. "Yes, I did" I lying through my teeth. (Well I forgot, ok!). And then I thought to myself. well what the heck, I have a lot of time to spare and there's something about this man which I find so pleasant and comforting. While walking towards their booth, I suddenly remembered that other day, I vowed that I would give back to the community by the time God would bless me with the resources. I thought to myself "Masyadong advanced si God gusto na nya magpledge ako kasi paparating na daw ang resources. =)"

The guy gave me info about the their org's mission and programs which I found very interesting. He then asked what I'm doing. I told him I'm in between jobs and I just came from a tough interview. He was curious and asked me where and I told him. "Hey, I used to be in advertising too!" he said flashing his teeth. Then suddenly, we were like old pals who haven't seen each other for a while. He told me not to worry because I would get it soon. He even gave me his number telling me to text him once I got the call. A sign from God? Definitely. I was so weak, and He gave me strength. I was so alone, and He gave me comfort.

I rejoice in the thought that I just met a friend and recognize "HI ELAINE! IT'S ME GOD" written all over his face. The past few days, I have stopped struggling and manipulating the outcome of a circumstance. It is when I come to recognize the existence of signs. I realized that in times of surrender, signs are more obvious to me. Signs are little miracles which are manifested to comfort me and to affirm God's love for me. They give me the opportunity to recognize the blessings that surround me and even the beauty of the chaos around me.

This morning, I logged on my facebook as usual and the first entry I saw made me smile...It was as if the words are smiling back at me...Paolo Coehlo's blog on Signs. =)

Have a great week ahead!