Tuesday, April 21, 2009

12 Things I miss

Looking back, I miss a lot of people and stuff--close friends long been gone, food I haven't eaten in for a while, even shows I haven't seen in a long time. Here is a list of these that I would want to meet up, eat, and watch again:

1. My highschool friends. Ilang dekada na ang nakaraan since we've graduated.
2. My classmates in Maryknoll na baluktot ang dila.
3. Serg chocolate bar. They would melt in your mouth with all their milky goodness.
4. Chikadees. Lagi ako bumibili nito kasi may toy na sticky inside.
5. Scramble. shaved ice mixed with powdered skimmed milk, plenty of sugar, flavoring and pink food color. Frothy and super yummy.
6. Magnolia Chocolait in the bottle. Noong kinder ako, Chocovim ang brandname nito.
7. Tira-tira. Ang may salarin ng cavities ko
8. McDo strawberry milkshakes
9. Sundot-Kulangot. brown sweet sticky things placed inside small bamboo shoots that you eat with a small stick
10. Cheese Curls na binebenta ng magbobote na nakabalot sa yellowpage na directory.
11. The "I Can Feel It" Commercial ni Alice Dixson. Feel good commercial kasi to.
12. That's Entertainment. hahaha..ang jologs...