Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And Life Unfolds Step-by-Step

De La Costa Walkway through Landmark, Glorietta and SM to Ayala MRT. This was my usual route going home from work. And yes I miss those 15 to 20 minute walks, for I truly enjoyed it my walking buddies. But I used to think that if I had to do it alone, it sucks big time. Well okay, maybe it is a good exercise, but to keep my heart pumping, Turbo Jam is my best option. As long as I think of walking as an exercise, I never made it past the door.

There was a time I was so emotionally upset I felt as if I would jump out of my skin, and so I bolted out of the house. Filled with disappointments, painful memories and my own unrealistic expressions from the past--terrified of what the future held and the changes that were inevitable--the only safe place for me was the present moment: My foot against the pavement, the wind on my face, my breath entering and leaving the body. After forty minutes I stopped, discovered how far I have walked and headed back home calm and centered.

I enjoy walking alone now. I still do not it for exercise. I walk for for my soul and my body tags along.

photo grabbed from JoeBrill on Flickr