Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Undomestic gets Domestic

Today, Melody, our househelp for 3 years is leaving. She's gotten homesick and yearns to go back to the simple life. I begged, cried and wailed. Alas, my cries of despair fell on deaf ears. What a shame....

This is horrible, for I am the ultimate shirker of cleaning. Believe me, I have tried. If there is a way to avoid the mop or the flat iron, I will find it! Don't get me wrong, my mother trained me in the fine art of cleaning, but I really find domestic chores exhausting and boring. You tidy your house one day and the very next morning, it's time to start all over again. It will never stop. When I was younger, I was always the one sent to go to the market or pay the bills....or...well you get the picture. When I started having my own family, I demanded that I will be the one to take care of the baby (so i that I would get more sleep) and perhaps a little bit of cooking while my family gets someone to do the cleaning (well, you can just imagine the irritation of my in-laws...hehe).

This morning Alan my dear husband asked: "Are you going to do the laundry today? I'm just about out of clean underwear." I hesitated checking out the laundry hamper, too afraid that I would see it turn into a laundry mountain which kept growing and moving like Oscar the Grouch's dream glacier.

But today, everything needs to change. If Mary Poppins could make this fun, why can't I? I woke up early and checked out the things that need to be done--the dishes piling up the sink, the clutter in my closet, and rooting out the dust and grime in every little nook and cranny, and so on. With my domestic guardian angel by my side, I guess I will survive.

At this very moment, I am visualizing the smiles and hugs, as my loved ones walk from room to room. I shall sit back, sip my glass of iced tea and and watch their expressions as they discover what color the curtain really is. The moment that will make it all worthwhile, is when they seem hesitant to use the bathroom, just in case they make a mess.

And so after the housework is finished, I shall treat myself to something decadent. I'll have my nails done, and get that long overdue massage.

Today, the Undomestic Goddess becomes Domestic.

She has become the Domestic Diva.