Monday, April 27, 2009

Victim, Villain or Victor?

I learned that at times when life presents us with unpleasant circumstances, we are actually presented with choices...choices whether to be victim, villain or victor.

I arrived at this townhouse-turned-office 15 minutes early, grounded and geared up for the battle. I was led into a semi-lighted lobby with ultra-modern furniture to wait for the interviewer. I took out a I book I have been trying to finish. As I try to immerse myself in reading, I am distracted by employees running up and about. They seem not to notice me as they crack jokes, laugh and/or yell at each other. Then I notice a couple of noisy gays, thin gays, overweight gays, and gays pretending to be guys. I wonder how many gay people does this company have? Should be a lot, as I lost count. I thought this should be a fun company to work for. I have a lot of gay friends who are super dooper funny, they could double as stand-up comic. Never a dull moment with them gays.
And so I waited..finished 3 chapters of my book and check the time on my mobile. What the...?! 45 minutes had passed. Then a large figure in a red shirt, headed towards the entrance, put his hands on his hips, extenuating his gay authoritative persona. In his hands were a pack of Marlboro lights and was obviously going out for a smoke. Oh, I wanted have a puff too...but I remembered I just quit..Geez, I'm starting to get annoyed and impatient. After 15 minutes another applicant came in and after a couple of minutes, surprise, surprise, she was called in ahead of me...Hmmm...there is definitely something wrong in this scene...

Finally it was my turn to be interviewed. I entered the room and tadah! Big Red Guy on the other side of what appears to be a dining table (you the glass type table top adorned with plastic fruit basket as centerpiece)...I looked around. I see a sink..., a fridge....hmmm this must be the pantry. Looks very homey...In a large but deep gay voice, he told me "sorry to have kept you waiting..."

"Well, since I waited for more than an hour now, I think it's a good choice to stay and wait. I was thinking that you may have forgotten. I was surprised that the applicant who came in 45 minutes before me was called in first. I am not used to that. But now I see that you didn't forget. That's good enough" I replied, flashing a sarcastic smile.

The interview dragged on. I notice that the interviewer kept on raising an eyebrow and/or gave sarcastic remarks when I answer his questions. When I answered the question on figures, he raised both his eyebrows...Hahaha! . Looks like a scene from a Japanese anime.

I almost lost control. But thank God I remained poised throughout this tough interview. I am so proud of myself for shooting my beauty pageant answers at him spontaneously.

"Thank you for your time. I would completely understand if you don't make me an offer. I wish to work for a company where I PERFECTLY fit in." I told the interviewer when I shook his hands at the end of the interview. Not without a hint of sarcasm of course...

As I headed home, I laughing to myself, I thought "what a disaster!" "i won't let this incident spoil my day!" I know for a fact that life never fails to present me lessons to learn. It is up all up to me how I would accept the situations I am faced with.

And I am so tired of feeling wronged, of becoming the victim, it sucks! I also know that it is easier to react, get angry and unleash the villain inside me. Instead, I chose to keep my calm. I chose to be the victor! I am so glad I did!



Michelle said...

Hi, Michelle from Hits and Mrs. here. Found this post entertaining. It's a good thing you maintained your composure during the interview. Good luck on the job hunt, sis!