Monday, April 13, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers ...Activate!

Thank God, my kids are starting to help out in the housework. Yanna washed the dishes, Angela sorted out the clothes, Chloe and Andrea helped take out the clutter. Although the analogy is rather crude, I thought of our teawork as a bit like that of the Wonder Twins.

Like most 80's kids, I am an early Saturday morning riser, because of the Saturday Fun Machine aired in Channel 9. One of my favorites is Superfriends. which features the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna. These teenage aliens have the power to transform themselves into an animal or water form in order to help save the day. To do this, they had to bump their fists and say the words - you guessed it - Wonder Twin Powers - ACTIVATE!

So ano ang connection sa mga masisipag kong kids? Ano ang connection sa life?

Individually, the Wonder twins were just teenage aliens from Exxor, with a pet monkey called Gleek. They could only use their powers if they worked together! Individually we may be strong, but together we can be very powerful.

Oo, laos na ang Wonder twins, pero di naman nalalaos ang synergy from teamwork e. So Kung gusto nyo ma-activate ang power, magtulungan na lang. Things can get done when we help each other. Much greater things are always bound to happen when two or more agree and work together.