Friday, May 01, 2009

On bills

Here are the bills again. I always dread them a little. They are familiar presences; first in the mail box, then in the bill drawer, now on the desk. Services rendered. My life depends on services rendered.

I am staring at the bills are piling up on top of my desk desk. Untouched, unopened. I think I'm going to have palpitations. Paying bills is becoming a painful issue, releasing toxic emotions keeping me locked in lack.

I know I need to release myself from feeling that I don't have enough. Help is on its way, I know and I can feel it coming. So now I retrieve memories when I pay bills with ease, recall positive feelings of plenty. I smile. Now, it isn't painful anymore to open an envelope...

Let me not skip into this monthly knowing, Instruct me in judicious spending and in gratitude with no holds barred. -- Gunilla Norris