Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sniffing Around

What does my life smell like? If we were to take a whiff of my life, which response would be activated? A gag reflex? The laugh button? A sigh of relief? Or unspeakable joy?
Quite often, what our ears, eyes, and hands miss, our nose could detect. The sense of smell is also quite useful because it evokes memories. With a whiff of something, we can be thrown back into a memory of something that happened, how it happened and whether or not we liked what happened. Likewise, the sense of smell could evoke feelings. If something in our lives doesn't smell right, we will not feel right. If we don't like what you feel, it is high time that we clean up.
We may only have been concerned with the way how our life looks. We may have ignored certain things we heard or saw but we cannot ignore a smell.

Today, I will be devoted to sniffing around my life and be on the lookout for rotting things I need to discard and frangrant things I can put on display.