Friday, February 14, 2014

Priceless Pearls

You might find it strange, but my most memorable Valentine's Day is the saddest one. Many VDays had flown by and I still vividly remember how anger, sadness, hurt streamed down my cheeks and wet my pillow. I can still remember the searing pain of my broken heart. Only now, I can stare at it in the eye, laugh at it and embrace it. Pain has become a friend. It has made me the woman that I am now---better, stronger and not to mention, more beautiful. 

Just as a a pearl is born out of suffering, we too can become beautiful in the face of adversity, heartache and suffering. Tormented by a grain of sand against its soft flesh, the oyster has to find a way to endure the pain. It responds by embracing the sand and transforming it into an object of great beauty. Over time, the unwelcome pain and suffering becomes a precious gem. 

God doesn't waste a hurt. He will turn every pain and bitterness and use it to mold us to become priceless and beautiful.

If you feel heartbroken this Valentine's Day, and/or any other day don't despair. If you don't give up, God will develop a priceless pearl in you too!