Sunday, March 08, 2009

Learning to Wait

I wait impatiently, pacing to and fro. I wait for my mobile phone to ring, "Tawag na please!". I wait frustratingly and sometimes to the point of giving up. They say waiting is a good thing. At times we wait arrogantly, patting our feet with our hands on our hips. We may wait in indifference, picking our teeth and shrugging our shoulders. We sometimes wait in anger, huffing, puffing, and pounding our fists on the table. Then there are times we wait helplessly, hopelessly, with our heads bowed and hands in our pockets. Maybe how we wait is just as important as what we are waiting for.

I just learned that waiting does not mean sitting around in fantasy land, anticipating that something good will fall down on me from the sky and hit me on the head. That is not waiting at all, but fooling myself into not taking responsibility for my vision, my dreams and my desires. Waiting is the realization that God knows what is best for me and while waiting, my job is to put my faith in that realization.

Waiting requires joy accompanied by the belief that what I need or request will be provided. Waiting is believing that if it is good for me, if it will bless me and others, then what I ask must happen! Waiting is being enthusiastic and excited about what is yet to come. Waiting is clarity about the how come’s and what for’s of yesterday that have prepared me for the blessings of tomorrow. Yes, indeed waiting is good!

I may have believed that just waiting to be blessed or inspired or guided or discovered, was all I have to do. I may not have been aware of how I was waiting and what I was really expecting.
Now, I devote myself to examining who I am and be willing to make necessary changes. I am devoted to not wait in vain.