Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Back Up

One time I was flying high, too high that I landed flat on my face. Now I realized I lost my wings as over and over, I find myself flat on my face. Job hunting is getting to be quite daunting. After all the preparations for the job interviews, I find myself waiting and waiting and waiting...Days go into weeks; weeks stretch into months and still no job offer. I am now beginning to feel a sense of rejection and hopelessness.

I sometimes feel disgruntled about something, thinking about how unfair some things are. I wonder how am I going to face the situation tomorrow?

Then I saw this video, and ... sigh, whom am I to complain? And why should I ever complain? I wish I had half the moral fibre this guy does.

Now all I have to do is keep on taking that leap of faith and learning from each and every mistake until I become used to jumping and used to falling. I will run with everything that have and dive into my dreams with so much passion and fire that I forget all about the possibility of failing. It's only until then, will I find my wings again.