Sunday, May 10, 2009

Evil Foreboding Begone

After being interviewed by the general manager, and not knowing if I had made an positive impression on him, I felt so worried about my status.

Then a call from my headhunter came in and told me that the interview with the general manager went well and an offer is being arranged by the human resources. I almost jumped for joy. But still, without the offer, I'm still unsure.

I am fighting all this doubting and I find it very difficult. It was quite a coincidence when the priest talked about doubting and worry when I heard mass. Great timing, but I choose to believe that it is God speaking to me.

The priest discussed about "evil foreboding" coined by best-selling author Joyce Meyer. Evil foreboding according to Joyce is negative thinking attracting negative events to happen.

I just realize now that optimistic people are like warriors as they are continuously at war with limiting beliefs. I may find myself weak and tired as I wield my sword to the enemy. Strength is replenished when I go down on my knees and pray.

And now, I realize that I should be more excited than doubtful. A lot of God's promises will come true next week.