Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recent Misadventures

I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty again. So my goal for the week was to complete my pre-employment requirements. I was given a one-week lead time to process them all, but sad to say, I could see that it's not going to happen.

I woke up early so that I would be at the NBI office around 8am. I was surprised as I saw the long queue from afar. Oh I see, I'm not early enough. A tall man intercepted me and offered his "fixing" services. He was selling his services blatantly in front of the Office of Congressman Crisologo and the NBI office. For a price of P350, yes, I wouldn't have to fall in line. He was assuring me that it would get done asap, and he even signaled to the his contact inside the NBI office. I told him, no thanks. I wouldn't give these guys business.

After the long wait, as expected, I have a hit, just because my maiden name is Rodriguez, which according to them, is a common one, and most likely there's a Rodriguez criminal. Gosh, don't they update their system? I've been married for more than a decade now and always, without fail, during my married life, I get hit. What kind of stupid system do they have? They should have updated their list because I'm not a part of their "real" hit list. That's why I hate getting an NBI clearance because after all the waiting, all I get is a receipt asking me to come back after a week.

And as I was doing my agency hopping I am very dismayed with how some government employees treat people as if they are dumb oafs. Disappointed to see frontliners who'd rather comb their hair or chat with their colleagues while making people wait. Appalled to know that officieals and enforcers allow fixers take advantage of people who badly need clearances.

Then there are offices who wouldn't let you ask simple questions like "where should I go next", just because they are on a break! There is this office where there is long series of windows with "closed" signs. There are about 12 windows and only 2 are open. So, where are the peeps?

I know that there are still some are decent people, and when they see the abuse, they sort of crawl into a niche and pray like crazy not to get in the way of these officers who are wielding their power over hapless civilians.

I am aware that no matter where I am, I will run into rude behavior and ho hum attitudes. I just hope the frontliners I encountered would strip the negative vision of a government employee and help us realize who government employees really are: hardworking, diligent and ready to serve others.